Who am i?

I began asking myself this question when I felt like I had finally hit rock bottom. Why I waited until it got to this point, I don’t know.

Actually, in all honesty, I do know why. FEAR. Plain and simple. I was scared of how my life was turning out because it wasn’t how I had planned, per se, and I was only getting older. My life was what I had manifested, but not what I truly wanted.

I was living in Chicago, working as a human resources leader and living what everyone thought was the American Dream. Until everything appeared to come spiraling down right around my 29th birthday. I no longer found my job satisfying, a long list of health issues arose, I often experienced brain fog, I developed sudden food intolerances, had severe mood agitation and anxiety and was experiencing what I call “spiritual unrest.”

What all unfolded next was a beautiful web of synchronicities. I ended up deciding to take a natural approach to healing my body, which meant I was focusing on the mind body connection. I saw a host of naturopaths, changed my diet and exercise routine, started acupuncture, saw a chiropractor, had an energy healer, started weekly talk therapy and did LOTS of massages and self care treatments.

Then I was introduced to meditation. At first I was scared to start meditating as I thought this meant I was on the path to becoming a Buddhist and I was a Christian. So I resisted. As most of us know, God, Universe, Source Energy, whatever you want to call it, works in mysterious ways. Meditation kept creeping up in conversations, I started receiving “random” emails about meditation workshops and webinars and began noticing yoga studios on every corner of Chicago that I had never paid attention to. Next thing I know, I was on my way to the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA for my first meditation and yoga retreat.

And the rest is history my beautiful souls. I became a certified Primordial Sound Meditation coach through the Chopra Center, quit my corporate job to start Something Beautiful and am now living my lifelong dream of traveling the world.

I'm on the adventure of a lifetime, exploring the world, discovering my purpose, deepening my spirituality, immersing myself in new cultures and expanding my knowledge of the mind body connection. I'm on a mission to help YOU experience more joy, love and compassion by creating awareness about the benefits of mindfulness and the negative effects stress has on the body both physically and emotionally.

I would love to be a resource for you at any stage of your life journey, so please don’t be shy about reaching out.

May you walk in beauty my friends!


Check out my blog to learn more about my journey and the exciting projects I'm working on. You can also tune into my online radio show, Light as a Feather, on the W4divas website.



Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D. opened the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in 1996. The goal of the center is to provide guests with tools to enable them to make choices that will enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual well being. To help them reach this goal, the Chopra Center developed an advanced program known as the Teachers Path, or certification program. The Chopra Center Meditation Certification is an intensive immersion into the ancient teaching of meditation as translated by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon.  

Interested in learning more about the services and programs offered at the Chopra Center, or better yet, becoming a Chopra Center instructor? Send me a note to inquire about how you can begin your journey to healing.