Corporate Training


One of my passions is to bring the topics of meditation, mindfulness, wellbeing, mental health, and mindful leadership to the workplace. Most of us spend 40+ hours a week in the office. I believe when organizations invest in training and employee programs that tackle these topics, the collective power and outcome of this investment is insurmountable. Helping your employees discover the true power of their mindset and putting them on the path to discovering inner peace is one of the greatest benefits any employer can provide. 




Putting on a workshop and looking for a partner? I love working in partnership with other businesses that are interested in joining me on my mission to bring more joy, compassion, wonder, healing, peace, love and hope back into this sometimes crazy, but oh so beautiful world. I have done everything from lead guided meditations, organize an entire workshop or lead breakout session conversations. I love being creative and believe we live in a world with infinite possibilities, so no partnership idea is too crazy. Just ask!


Mindest Coaching


I LOVE working with people 1:1 as a mindset coach! I empower women to free themselves from limiting beliefs that lead to exhaustion and burnout, helping them create a life where they experience more freedom, joy and fulfillment. I use scientifically validated techniques such as neuro-linguistic programing, tapping, mindfulness and meditation, to assist women in shifting their mindset. These tools ultimately bring to light limiting beliefs, fears, and other conditioning that holds them back from living a vibrant life. I offer a 3-session Breakthrough Package and 3+ month coaching engagements.




Putting on a conference, training, or workshop and looking for a speaker to get your audience fired up? You’ve come to the right place! I incorporate interactive exercises and the concept of FUN into my presentations. Hint: I like to boogie! My messages span the topics of meditation, mindfulness, wellbeing, mental health, stress reduction techniques and mindful leadership. Have a topic of your own? Send me a note, and if I don't feel qualified to speak about your topic, I can help you find someone who is. Teamwork makes the dream work.